Friday, March 21, 2008

So you know yes its great that he has questions but ....they read the paper at school. My son looks at the sports page for hunting news and that's great. But he came home with this. I think he enjoys seeing me squirm...I really need to update my self with the world today but I have been told by my sister , stop watching the news ...Because I freak out. I worry my kids car seats have been recalled and I missed the news. The Lady fell out of the roller coaster ride and died, razor found in candy, lead found in toys, kids kidnapped, cancer from diet pop. I can be a worry wart. Anyway I can sure get off track. Brandin wants to know what this is and I do know but Brandin can not believe we have been over there 5 years. He is wondering why no one told him. Yes chuckle. I want to know who is responsible for not telling my son we were at war the same war for 5 years. He is very serious so I can't laugh and he can never know I share this info with you. He would be so upset. Because it would not be cool if his friends knew he was questioning anything important. The whole war thing has really got him thinking our family has had several members in different wars. Including my grandfather Lu who was a very colored veteran. He had to do a report on 2 topics. (They got a list). He picked His Grandma & Grandpa's life during WWII. & The Holocaust. I wrote a note to the teacher making him pick a different subject not the holocaust. I was afraid of the things he would see in the Internet while searching the subject. He has a very gentle heart & I think it would bother him to see the horror. So we questioned my gram and Echo & I already questioned pap before he died. I also asked some older men at the VFW in Canonsburg and you would not believe the info I got. We are almost done with the projects I will post them when we are done. Oh yeah your probably wondering what topic he ended up with for the 2nd report Pearl Harbor. We decided this was a good one for our family. Pearl Harbor was the reason my grandfather Louis T Leon Joined the Army. 6 months after pearl harbor was hit my grandfather joined. He was not drafted he joined. I will not bore you with all that mubo-jumbo. I will later when I post the report. I am going to go enjoy my pop. Yes I mean soda.

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