Sunday, November 16, 2008

So I can say I really no not ready much. I love to read magzines but not novels. My sister was always the reader. But a few a years ago I read a book called The Lovely Bones. I really enjoyed it. Since I have not really took the time to find a good book. But a friend of mine Casey has been driving me crazy. She comes to visit and hides behind a book. She takes it to play cards, calendar party auctions and even to the Toy Bash. I thought maybe I am just that boring. But no... When she told me it was coming to the movies I told her I would try to find time to read it. Well Friday I took it to dance class and WOW> I read for the whole two hours there then again when I got home. I went to bed and picked it right back up on Saturday. Then finished it on Sunday. Today! I suggest this book to anyone. It is about seniors in high school. Vampires, Love, Hate ...The books are very inexpensive you can get them at walmart for under $10. It comes to theater Nov. 21st. There are 4 books in the series.