Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brandin loves to hunt. He has decided to stay home because of hunting season instead of going to Disney. He loves to get up before the sun and go. He traps, bow hunts, gun hunts anything he can....

We went to the Sarris Candy Ice Cream Parlor. Gram Big Cheese only lives a few minutes away from it. It is a hugh candy store and an old fashion parlor. Brandin & CJ wanted their own banana splits but we talked them into sharing. Well as you can see from this picture they are both glad they shared. Brandin looks like he is going to puke.....I can say Echo's husband Chris did order his own and he could not finish it. He tried and tried.
This picture just cracks me up. This is Bethany and Rayne saying " I'm hot & your not". Rayne just loves the girls.

When Echo's kids where here in July the kids loved to sit on the steps at Grams and they loved Kennywood.

When I sleep my hair gets messed up. But Brandin's hair just gets out of control. It takes on a life of its own

Brandin went to the beach to camp with his BFF. CJ & his family go every year. Brandin and CJ did not hang out so much last year. I am very glad things have worked out and they have gotten close again.