Thursday, March 20, 2008

My son Brandin gets up everyday at 6am for school. He showers then wakes me up. We watch the news. He starting doing this, this school year. It makes him feel older I guess. I have come t depend on him waking me up. I no longer set my alarm why bother (until he forgets and we all wake up really late) This morning on the Today show they were talking about Osama Bin....and about the threat he sent to Europe. From what I got while coming in and out getting coffee. A big European newspaper printed comics in 2005 and got some heat over them from the Iraq people. The reprinted them in 2008 and apparently pissed Mr. Osama off. He sent the European gov't a message saying that If they are open to their freedom of speech. Then the Europeans should open their hearts to our actions. My son had a question..Why reprint why maybe stir up the wrath of this horrible man. They know what he is capable of. I am proud of my son for thinking this way. But also he thinks we should nuke them all. I have talked to him about this and about nuclear war. I am glad he watches the news but when is the right age for the news really. And my dearest sisters' sister in law. I know you read my blog as I do yours. And I must say I enjoy it. Can you get your overseas contacts to give me a better meaning of all of this. Maybe I did not catch it all or misunderstood.


Amanda said...

It is so strange that you mention that because I caught that on the Today show this morning as well. Jonathon was in the room when it came on so I changed it. I just don't want for him to be needlessly scared by something he doesn't really understand. I think Brandin is about 6 years older than Jonathon. I will certainly try to figure out a way to link your blog to them.

echoeve said...

I love that Brandin is becoming so 'Worldly'

I don't know what the right age for watching the new is but, I do like the fact that while Brandin is watching the news he is questioning the actions of others instead of just taking it for what it is.