Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Leg!

So we went on Friday morning and Dad got fitted for a prosthetic leg. Technology is great! You would not believe it. Dad has already surprised everyone with his mobility with his crutches. When he gets his leg we all better watch out. So they took a mold and they are making a silicone sleeve. It will be ready in a week. We will then get a leg built so he can learn to walk. Yes when the doctor said those 3 words I started crying. " Learn to walk".... What a jolt. We have waited so long for this. I will be taking my video camera so I can send it to my sister. They said he should have his real.. fake leg by mid January it takes time because of insurance. So I will keep you posted....

Pictures above.... no this is not my father... But he really seems hopeful that once he gets a leg he will be unstoppable..(is that even a word)...It is just amazing how people can just bounce right back after getting a prosthetic. Or feel that they can do more then they could before they even lost a limb...Also I was very surprised when we got to the Prose tic Lab. Scott George was the one making them. He has known my husband since they were kids and he went to school with Echo.. It is a small world.