Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes we all love to carve pumpkins. I love to do all that fun stuff with my kids. But I have learned my lesson on how long I can keep their attention. Casey & Devin decided they were going to carve pumpkins with my kids. Well Devin decided he had better things to do. But Casey was there and she got the kids carving kits. Oh my gosh they are sharp little knives. Anyway Braxton was interested until he got the top cut off and I told him he had to dig it out. Yeah right this is the kid who pukes over his own boogers. He was done after that. then MJ she was into it. She has so many holes in her the pumpkin will not stand up. Casey got stuck digging out her and Brandin's pumpkin because playing football outside seemed more intresting to Brandin. CJ James & Matt did not help much. They also played football. So thank you Casey. You are a great help with the kids and they love you to death. The Fab 5 will have her completly trained by time she has kids.

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