Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is my friend Angie I am so glad we have remained friends. I am going to start posting 10 things about my closest friends.

1. 3 Kids the same age as mine.
2. Loves to do shots.
3. Dances like a crazy person
4. Has 2 awesome sisters
5. Wonderful parents
6. Loves to see you in pain when she waxes your lip and eyebrows
7. I gave her lessons on how you can have sex in the shower. (Vacation 2006)
8. Silly
9. Committed to our friendship
10. Loves my say the word I hate. "Whatever"

1 comment:

ANGIE said...

whatever!!! the sex in the shower thing should not count. the shower was soooo dam small u couldn"t turn around......LMAO