Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Braxton turned 5. I was going to have a big party for him but we got so busy. Time was going by so fast I had to take a breath and just have it. I decided to just invite the Fab 5 and their kids. (and a couple other kids from next door). After everyone arrived we then realized. Holy crap the fab 5 have a lot of kids. We have been doing all of these activities together but we never realized how many we actually had until they were all bouncing off of the walls in my living room. We have always been outside. It was a great night we played musical mats and they danced. We sat at kitchen table and shot the shit until after 10pm. I was very happy with just the Fab 5. It worked out well. For those of you who have lots of brother and sisters and do not spend time with them shame shame shame. I am so blessed to now have such a great group of close friends.

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