Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why is dies it seem that one minute you have no friends then you have tons. Several years back it seemed that my family was everything and really the only thing going on for me. Then I began to realize that I had no real friends. I had friends but not real ones. That really are there for you. Now today I can stand back and say wow I have more then I could ever wish for. With my parents being divorced and my brother's passing and my sister living so far away. I am glad I have them. I will not name them because I would hate to forget someone. But I can be sure they know who they are. It seems that we keep adding to our friend family. But recently we have been attracting a younger generation. I am not sure why. We do not let them do anything that they could not do on their own. They just hang out and visit. My kids have became very fond of a few like Casey, Devin and Eric. (I will not get into detail about them in this post but I will later). We had a picnic recently and most of our friends came. It was quite a stretch in ages. Some of our closest friends are 17-21. And then some are in their 30's. So my question is should you be concerned of the ages of your friends. Should you befriend younger adults? Are we really good role models for anyone? Surely right?


echoeve said...

I think that you have always been one of the coolest people I know, and people are attracted to that.

Stay cool. I mean look at Grandma Leon she is over 80 and still all the young men flock to her. Is it because she is so cool, or does she have great perfume. If it is the perfume I need some. heehee

Anonymous said...

Harmony, just from experience, even young adults need a soft place to land. It's hard trying to stand up for what you believe in and not to follow the "cool" crowd. In world where "friends with benefits" Crystal meth, heroine and STD's as just a few of the problems young people face. Sometimes, as hard as it is to believe young people think we are the "cool" ones for just being focused and content with what life has given us. ROCK ON HARMONY!!!

Harmony said...

Who ever left me the anonymous comment. Thank you! That is excatly how I feel. Next time please leave your name.