Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PJ & I told Devin we would take some pictures of him. So PJ takes the camera to video. He is FIRED! First he takes a buch of pictures of the ground and of some feet. Then as Devin straps in the bull jumps and PJ is freaked out. Now Devin is the one sitting on the bull and he seems not to care the the Bull is attempting to jump out of the gate with out it open. PJ still tapes saying some really bad words. (The kids can not watch the video or even send it by phone. I would live in fear of getting a telephone call from a parent about the language.) So he tapes and it was a really good ride for Devin. When he is done he was so excited to have it on tape. Well yeah it sounded good you could hear everyone yellig. But watch the video and see PJ got do excited watching he forgot to point the camera at Devin he just tapes the bulls feet. He is no longer aloud to tape any thing important. FIRED!

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