Friday, September 19, 2008

ICV Football

I love ICV. It is a really great program. If you compare it to our local program it is top of the line. I say this because we do not have one local. We travel 30 minutes each way to take our kids to football. Since I was already going I signed MJ up for cheerleading. She loves it. It is Brandins senior year and he has been playing there for 5 years. Next year I am not sure that I will drive that far just for cheerleading. Brandin will play football for the school district. I would rather him play one more year at ICV. I car pool for practice but I have really enjoyed driving this year. I have really enjoyed talking with one other mom there. Viki. She cracks me up and she has a really nice daughter Cameron in 10 grade. Conner is on Brandin's team. I have invited her to my blog and I hope she visits.


V-Mac said...

Harmony. Thanks for the shout out. I have been checking in. I also enjoy talking to you at the field. Blogging may become a new pass time for me.
See you this week.

V-Mac said...

By the way. Love that Blue and Gold. Mountaineers rock!!!!!!!!