Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have had alot of strange things happen to me. But this is one to laugh about. My computer has not been working right for awhile now at work. So I took it to get fixed. I saved everything on to a memory stick. Yes I did it. Those little stick things are amazing. They hold so much stuff. So I did some work at my house on wednesday night. After I was done I put an envelope on the table to be mailed and I think I put my keys there too. But on Thursday I was off. Friday I went to the post office and then I realized I did not have my keys to get into the office. Yes I go the office and I spend all day by myself. I am there for support in case one of the guys come in. They usually come in very early in the morning before I get there. I drop Braxton off at Pre K and then head to work. Then I leave work in just enough time to pick him up. Lets get back on track....So I came home from the post office and looked everywhere for the keys. I called PJ and he said he would just leave the door open for me at work so I could get in. So I went to work with out them. When I got home I cleaned and still did not find them. Then I thought.....OMG> did I mail them to the main office with the paperwork?. After I looked and looked and racked my brain "Could I really have mailed these keys 4 keys,pink ring and a memory stick". Really, Surely, Absolutely I would have noticed if the mail was heavy. So after a long night of searching I email the main secretary and told her just maybe I mailed you my keys. (What is it when you have lost something you go crazy until you find it. Even if it is something stupid.) So the keys were still missing and I did tell you the computer at work was at the shop. Well I had just told them to go ahead and erase everything and we can start over because I have a memory stick. I am so proud of this stupid stick!. So I am sick at this point and Saturday no keys, Sunday morning we are reading the paper and McKayla & Braxton are playing barbies. (That is another story HEADLINE: Yes, My son loves Barbies.) Out comes Ken in his Cool black hummer and following is Sharpay in her Cool Fabo Hot Pink V. Bug with the coolest keys hanging out of the back window! Yes ladies my keys. I did the JIG in my living room. I think I failed to mention that my 4 keys are colorful. Tie Died , Paridise, Zebra....MCKayla was in love with my keys but now for McKaylas sake she says I do not know how they got there. I think the doll Sharpay got up on Wednesday night to get a drink and looked at the table and said/ " I am going to go to work tomorrow and type some logs and while I am there I will use the other keys to get some parts from the garage and raffle them at my tea party."......O.K. They just magically made their way to Mckaylas room. .... Ok Ok Ok I can not tell a lie. When I was done with my work I tip toed to MCKaylas room and was playing with her toys . Pretending to drive Sharpays Car and left my keys there. .................I must go now. I have to subject myself to more humiliation and email the other Secretary and tell her I found the keys!. I LOVE MY KIDS >>>I LOVE MY KIDS>>> I LOVE MY KIDS>>>>>>

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echoeve said...

I love love love this story.

I love McKalya.

Now stop playing with her toys.