Sunday, July 6, 2008

My orphan

On Monday I was so sick. I still had to go to work. While i was trying to pull myself together I told McKayla & Braxton to get ready to go. Brandin is at church camp for the week and so they had to go with me. They went out to the van. I got in and never looked back. (No I did not forget them). When I arrived at work Mckayla jumped out and TADA she was still in her robe. She is always trying to play jokes on me so I laughed and told her get that robe off. She said OK. Off the robe came and there she stood in her pretty pink silk underwear. After work I went to the store to get he and Bethany some matching clothes. I got so many looks from people I just kept saying" I sure wish you would have gotten dressed today". I think the people at the store were thinking thank goodness her mom is buying her all those clothes. Because she only owns a robe. (A dirty one at that). She was very upset that I took this picture.

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