Sunday, June 1, 2008

It is another ball season. Braxton & Mckayla play on the Farmington Fire Department Team, The Chiefs. "Wee-Ball". Yes we all love Wee-Ball it is for ages 3-5. Everyone is a winner we have no outs and everyone bats every inning. (Yes Mckayla is 6 but do not tell anyone) I did not want to be at the ball field for Tee-Ball and Wee-Ball. That would just be to much. So Wee-Ball everyone one is a winner. The kids are learning the basics. Which way to run. What to do with the ball. But from what I see the kids are teaching each other how to make awesome dirt castles in the out field. And I think sometimes they forget we are playing ball. They all run and tackle the ball in a kid pile up. 1 ball 10 little kids. Braxton hits the ball waits for an applause then runs. Sometimes he runs to first then stops and chats with a girl from Preschool then moves on. We can not forget this is after several swings to even hit the ball from the tee. The kids are so cute. One team has a 16 year old as a coach. he is doing it for a school project. I give him credit this is a hard age for a young man to control let alone 10 of them. I hear him in the outfield yelling to the kids. It is like catching Ice cream in your glove. And you know then it is not about ball anymore. The kids start saying I want ice cream, I like vanilla, who has ice cream. They crack me up. I am betting this guy does not have kids anytime soon. The best birth control ever.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you are back. We missed you.

Jonathon just made the transition from t-ball to farm league and I was having a harder time adjusting than he was. The coaches were yelling at him and he actually had to obey the rules. It was horrible.

gigi said...

Glad you are back. Wish we could Echo back too.

I love the new green look. Very spring/summer.