Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am ready to POP with excitement. My neice and nephew are coming to visit me for 2 weeks. We have so many things planned. I almost want to cry with excitment. Mckayla has all of their matching clothes lined up in her room and Braxton has Noah & his stuffed into a little suitcase. Not sure when he thinks they are going but he tells me ahncnsdfopuiudosasjdangfgfdsa,.,.,asdkjbhdfuijebfv,,aselsdlfnrjkddfrtrtraaaa aaa. Yes my 4 year old still talks like a caveman. So where ever he thinks they are going sounds great. And the way he flaps his arms when he tells me I think they might fly there or dig a hole to get there. Or maybe ride on a fire breathing dragon. I know its not nice to make fun of him but he gets so excited and makes no sense.

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