Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today I volunteered at our Elementary School for Popcorn. This is a project I am proud of because I started it 4 years ago. Each grade has a special day like China Day, Kinder. Graduation, Dr. Suess, Fiesta Etc. Anyway each year these events get bigger and bigger and our Parent teacher Org. make a budget for it. We ran in to problems where each grade was not pulling their weight in fundraising. So I talked the PTO into buying a popcorn machine and some supplies. To start it was less then $500.00. I told them we could use it for Fun Day, Talent Show, Plays and much more. So it started.. Each grade was responsible for 4 weeks. Each Thursday that grade has to find parent volunteers to come in around 8am and take money for popcorn and mark the kids hand with the number of bags purchased. When that was done we popped and popped and I mean pop. (Now remember our school only has 250 students) 300 bags later we realized this is great. At .50 cents a bag (it has 2 scoops of popcorn) we average about $100-150 a week. The money goes directly into a fund for that grade. If you do not sell it, you do not get the funds. This really got more parents into the school. I guess telling them straight up your kids grade will not get if you do not help gives them drive.??#?! This gives the teachers extra money for additional supplies and activities. We did start a raffle so each bag you purchased you got a chance to win s donated item. Some kids take home 5-8 bags. I wonder if they really eat it? We hand it out at lunch. The bus drivers at first were not very happy but we have not heard them complain lately. So that is what I had planned on doing today. But I got called into work so Angie & Lacie were left to pop,pop,pop...bag,bag,bag,fold,fold,fold.....excitment I tell you.
We are having our Annual Calendar Party (Auction). If anyone really reads this blog and would like some information on this type of fundraiser I would be glad to share an easy way to make anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.


echoeve said...

I love the popcorn.

Amanda said...

Harmony- YOU WON!! You have to let me know which one you want. I will get your address from Echo. Congrats!!

I totally read your blog. I think you do great and you should keep it up.

gigi said...

Congratulations on winning the Micky! I guess that's the next best thing to going. NOT!

When the grandkids start school I'll be back for your help with the popcorn sells. Great Easy Idea. Thanks for sharing.