Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have not posted in a long time so I can tell you it has been crazy. My husband PJ broke his foot. Yes as I said before he thinks he is a Dirt Bike Racer. Well GO GO DIRT BIKE RACER right to the ER>>RRRRRRRR. 7 hours we waited and now he is in a walking cast for 4 weeks. I think I would rather take care of a 10 sick 3 year olds then 1 adult man with a hurt foot. He has more compassion for my father now. For those who have not heard my father got he right leg removed last July. He is still not healed yet because of the diabetes. So now PJ realizes how hard it is for my dad.

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gigi said...

I'm sorry to hear about the broken foot and about your dad's leg. My Harry has diabetes and it has taken it's toll on all of his organs. He's lost two toes because of it and he broke his foot in five places 2 years ago and he's still not right. The healing takes forever. I hate it.