Monday, February 25, 2008

We love to go camping. Tub Run is a place we visit each year. My Mom & Dad met there and fell in love. My grandparents used to work at the RCA Plant and there the factory shut down two weeks and everyone went on vacation at the same time. Many of them went to Tub Run. We go these blow up spiders and we thought they would be great for the kids. When we blew them up they were HUGE! The adults played on them more. They have sand down my the lake and we took sea shells that we purchased from the craft store and put them all over the place. The kids really do not know any better they had a blast looking for them. Our friends Mike & April lent us their boat for the week and we went out everyday. Eric Bobick is a friend of the family and in no time we convinced him to stay. What single young man would not want to spend the week with a family of five with hundreds of relatives visiting. He was a trooper. We had him manning the fire and cooking in no time flat! My Gram Leon called him her Cabana Boy. This year our first camping trip will be to Lake Erie Presque Island. We will camp on the fake beach at the lake and have a blast. All is welcome! We will be going the last week in June.


echoeve said...

I miss all the wonderful moments we had at Tub Run. I am glad that you have kept the traditions alive and well.

Amanda said...

I would totally love to come one year. You said I am welcome. I want to get on one of those big spider things.