Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Roads

So I wonder if Echo misses the crazy weather. At the rate we are going our kids will never get a summer break. When it is freakin' cold out side like below zero they cancel school or at least give a delay. But yesterday I woke up looked outside and it was snowing. The roads were horrible. I watched the TV for school delays but our district had none. But the inner city schools like Cannon Mac had a delay. And the district next to us Preston County WV was canceled. But not us. I drove Braxton to school and this was not until 9. Look how bad the roads were even then. Could you imagine the high school kids who got picked up at 6am? What is going on with the weather. One day it rains one day it snows. Today all day at work downtown (over on the other side of the mountain) it rained buckets. Then at 2:oo Becky called to tell me that I'd better head home cause the roads were getting bad and they might shut the mountain. I just laughed. Well let me tell you when I hit the top of the mountain holy cow. It was a blizzard. Traffic was backed up for a mile and hardly moving. So all I could think is that Braxton is probably hitch hiking his way home from school. (Not really a friend of mine was going to wait for me). When I made it I came to realize that all of the buses were late anyway. As of now at 7:00 we got 5 inches of snow and it is still comming down.

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echoeve said...

I don't miss the bad weather at all. LOL