Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Go Go Power Rangers

I really like being back to work. I could not ask for a better job. I work atleast 20 hours a week or more. I work on what ever days I can. I try to keep it on Mon. Wed & Fri.. With the flu going around the kids have been sick and with the school being cxl. due to the cold weather the kids have been home. Lucky enough I work in an office by myself all day so I take them with me. There is a big empty room in the back and they set it up like a play room so they watch movies and play. When I took Braxton to school on Monday they told me it was cxl. because his teacher was sick and they could not find a sub. So off to work we went. In this picture Braxton is the BLUE power ranger. Yes it is my chart holder. He squeezed it on his arm and was talking into it. And of all days for the owner to come down from the main office it was this day. I told Braxton if he has good I would get him as many cheeseburgers as he wanted and Ice Cream and Candy .....Anything for him to behave. So he was good for a while then he slipped under my desk and you know the desk has a plastic round thing you can pop out and put your computer cables down so they go under the desk. Braxton poped it out and put his hand in it. It looked like something off of the Adams Family. Aleast my boss laughed about it. There is never a boring day for me.


Amanda said...

I didn't know you were working. How lucky that you can take the kids when you have to. Good for you!! The power ranger thing was very creative.

echoeve said...

I love the idea of the adams family being at work.