Monday, November 3, 2008

No Please, Forgive me for venting......

So I have mentioned the Erik several times in my blog. Erik was or maybe is PJ's best friend. He has been close with him for the past 2 years. He spent holidays and birthdays with us. We even took him on our family camping trip. Our kids loved him. Our oldest always considered him like an older brother. We had some really serious stuff happen a few years back and Erik was Pj's rock. He really felt a connection with him. They would hunt, ride motorcross & simply hang out. Erik reconnected with a girl and they dated for many months. they both would hang out and she even came on or family vacation with us. Not many people their age would want to camp with 5 familys that all together had like 18 kids. And to also sleep in a camper with 3 kids YIKES! Any way they really were great together and the girl would come and hang out here even without him. Then the fairy tale ended. Erik was ready to move on and at his age it is good that he did if he was not sure about the relationship. But it got rocky. He began to date someone else. She also is a great person a good mother and a family friend. We have know her all of her life. But of course it got BAD>. The old girlfriendstill wants to come around. Well We spoke with Erik and he said no worries. She can still come around but I have no desire to talk to her. Well it was fine for about 2 weeks until the new girlfriend did not want him here because the old girlfriend was here. Well it was to late because we enjoyed the old girlfriends company to. Well needless to say Erik is no longer allowed to come over or talk to us. Is that not crazy. If you are dating someone and you do not trust them enough to go some where what does that tell you about your relationship? Well Erik and his new love did break up and where did he come as soon as they did. Here. Well we were very happy to see him..but the break up did not last and we are happy for him that they got back together. We really do just want Erik to be happy. But PJ feelings were hurt even more. How far can your feelings be streched before you just cut all ties? My kids ask about him all the time I tell the little ones that he is working a lot. Brandin is not so easy to satisfy. He sees and understands more. But he misses him too. You would think that we would not be so upset. He really was not family. And he is just a kid. But not our kid. Wow! It still hurts.
So I hope that Erik truely misses all of us. Everyone in the friend network misses him.

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