Monday, November 3, 2008

For Braxton's birthday I decided we were going to do something special. Just me and the kids. So we went to the Zoo. The Pittsburgh Zoo is great. We were there all day. The inside exibits were nice. It did rain a little. Casey went with me and she really helped me with the kids. They all loved the animals. There was a baby elephant and a baby tiger. So cute. But I think the kids loved the Penguin tank the most. It was like they were putting on a show just for us. They also really enjoyed the fish. We spent a lot of time in the aquarium. The hands on center where you could pet sharks and stingrays was cool. The kids could crawl under the tank and look from the bottom. Also there was a mole or something and you could crawl in tunnels around his cage and pop your head up into see thru bubbles. Yep I squeezed my butt in there. I wanted to see. The kids laughed and luaghed. I was a littlebit nervious that I was going to get stuck. Casey would not get in. Why I'm not sure she is as skinny as a green bean. Maybe next time. We are going to go back in the spring. The Dragon was not there this time and the kids really wanted to see it.

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