Thursday, August 14, 2008


So We have a really big fish tank. It was my grandfathers then my mothers and I just ended up with it. So we have around 13 fish in it now but we can not seem to get any more to stay alive. The kids love to go to the pet store and look around and then pick out fish. We went there last week. Braxton picked 2 new water frogs for the tank we already have one and he loves it. Brandin picked out another shark we already have two. I wanted some really cute colorful fish but they never like the ones I like and if I really thought they would not die I would just buy one for me to. But its for the kids. MJ loves the ones that were called Dalmatians. She called them oreo's. I told the lady to bag us up two of them. She was so nice and told MJ that two were pregnant and would be having babies with in the week. "Honey would you like those?". Why would she ask her that she should have asked me. But needless to say we came home with two pregnant fish. We also got a snail . The lady said we do not have any out here I will get one and I will bring it to check out. Sounded OK to me. When we got to check out She had a snail alright. It was bigger then a golf ball. It was the biggest blackest snail I have ever seen. So when we left Brandin went to the car with the kids and I walked next door to Target to get vanilla Ice Cream for the picnic ( I will explain that in another post). When I came out of target Brandin was jumping up and down in the parking lot. MJ was crying her eyes out in the car and Braxton was trying to calm her down by holding her. I ran to the car because they were acting like something tragic just happened. Well........The one fish was having babies. Sounds like the kids should have been delighted. but no the other fish in the bag were eating them almost as fast as she was having them. My children saw first hand the pyramid of life. We live 20 min. from town. So I rushed home and MJ was so upset. Fish have alot of babies. Over 30 little fish lived. The other fish ate more then double that. So now 3 days later all of the fish, frogs and babies are dead. The only thing still alive is the giant snail. But I called the pet store to tell the lady who sold us the fish about the babies dieing and I asked her if I could have done something to save them. I am glad I called. Did you know Pet Smart has a two week return policy on their fish. To bad I already flushed them. But now we can buy buy buy and return return return. I am so excited. Looks like we will be going to the pet Smart more often now.


echoeve said...

I love this story Harmony. I just want to say I am glad you wrote it all down.
love ya

Lynelle said...

Keep up the good work.