Friday, February 22, 2008

You know MJ loves school. But what I do not get is they send these projects home for the kids to do and who really does them? The parents. They had to make an ice skating rink with moveable people. I can say it was a struggle. MJ cut and colored them and then did not want them in the box. She wanted them under he pillow. Like she would never see them again. She glued and glued. When I went to the school and looked at the other students and they all had the same iceskating bear. I said MJ did you forget to bring that home. She said well......I had it but I liked your idea better. Yes it was cute but yet again I looked the the mom who could not follow directions.


Amanda said...

I think that project looks way too complicated for such a young kid. I love that she didn't tell you about the bear, that sounds like something Bethany would do;)

echoeve said...

It really sounds like something Bethany would do. You can tell they are from the same family.