Friday, February 22, 2008

When can you tell them they are really to old. The wanted to squeeze into the little ice cream truck but would not fit. The boys were invited to go bowling at Manor Lanes on Friday. When we got the the Lanes we were told only leagues until 10:00. So after a few calls all of the kids decided to go hand out at the local mall. Our mall still allows kids to be there without supervision. A lady I have come to know very well, Lacey drove. And we both agreed we should not leave them alone. We did let them wonder but not far from us. That night I went to Abercrombie and American Eagle for the 1st time. I never really had a reason before. Loved the sales for Brandin.

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Amanda said...

That is hilarious that she only wants to wear dresses like that to school. She looks beautiful, but maybe just a tad overdressed.