Sunday, December 14, 2008

We have adopted a new member of the family.

Well who could say no to MJ. Yes she said "mommy I saw that you can adopt a _____ and I want one. The ______ can stay in my room. Well I explained to her what a _______ was. She asked alot of questions. Including "so if I adopt a _______ will I get a certificate like I got when i adopted my cabbage patch doll"?

I'm sure I am not the only one in the world with a child so courious. Well we have now offically adopted a SOLDIER. Yep. There is a web site that you go to and you fill out some information and with in a few hours we had a soldier. MJ had so many questions as we paciently waited for a return email for the adoption web site. Like what do the bad guys look like that he is fighting, is the desert hot, are there catus'. She was deep in thought I could tell. So time passed and we needed to go to the teen dance. MJ was meeting her little 6yr old friend Colby there. Yes our little ones are the only ones aloud to attend the dance. Everyone else must be in 6th grade. The first thing she said to Colby was I have a soldier and you don't. Well yes we had a talk and we will be sharing our soldier and we will extend ourselves to the whole platoon. Well when we got back from the dance we checked our mail and we then really had a name... Roel martinez. All I know is that we have a gentleman that is married with 4 kids. Is from Ohio ..Which I'm sure he is probly a Cleveland Brown Fan... We will try to convert him toa steeler fan for sure. Anyway...MJ & my oldest son Brandin gathered items for a care package. They were all told they have to give 1 thing of there own to send. They also gathered some really good things from the house that we extras of...Flavor packets, candy, hot cocoa, toothpaste, axe, floss, lotion, and much more. We will be shipping out a package on Monday. But this is what I am asking from all of my blog readers. ..... Mail a christmas card to my soldiers platoon.....
SPC. Martinez, Roel
SPC. Martinez, Roel
HHC 1-178 IN- TF Bayonet
FOB Methar Lam
APO AE 09354

With in the card please put a self addressed envelope. So someone within the platoon can write back to you. I want all of my friends to adopt his entire platoon. I think that they are Medics? And yes Casey & Amber I asked him if he had any single soliders for you guys to pen pal with. But no luck so far. You know I love to pimp you out....Just kidding....

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