Monday, July 28, 2008

We go camping every year at Tub Run. We are the WACP. We are crazy people club. so anyway our group grows bigger every year. What fun. We had activites everyday for the kids and adults. We had tea parties, water ballons, sand castle contests, bike races (for skins ..hehe), light parades, flashlight walks, we caught crabs, looked for sea shells, (that is another story for another day.). So here are some pictures from the tea party....I never said the adults regular tea we had Long Island Iceteas.....ooohhh.ya they were refreshing.. Hats and pearls required or no tea for You!

So we went to the Lake everyday. The kids played on the fake beach and looked for those special sea shells. ... Yep who would have ever guessed that Tub RUn had sea creatures.. that leave shells. Well OK . I purchase them at the store and our wonderful friend Haley would go down right before us and toss them around everyday. The kids were so excited to find them. The funniest thing was all of the other campers questioning where the kids found seashells at.... One man said to his wife. They do have to buy the sand from somewhere ..they came with it. ..Now that sand has been there for over 10 years and they do not put more every year...DUH! Mommy Island was a hit we would all get on and push ourselves out to the middle of the lake. One adult would say back to monitor the situation at shore ( the kids ). It always seemed to be Gram Lu. There got to be so many Mom's wanting on Mommy Island by the end of the week we had to start hooking the kids spiders to the Island. The last saturday we were there (we stayed 10 days). I ended up on the spider. we were floating for about an hour or so and we were all chatting and laughing....I woke up 6 hours later to Casey saying just unhook her and let her float away.... They let me take a big nap...But sure they never offered me sun block or shade....I was lookin' like a lobster...

Is was a great trip...Casey, Becky & Angie loved the Island.....Going camping and need so ideas...Just ask I bet I could surprise you!

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echoeve said...

I wish I could have been there for the camping trip. I wish I had a Mommy island.